What Has Changed Since “I Do”?

Absolutely nothing, and yet everything!

  1. I am obsessed with calling Dan my HUSBAND!
  2. The ring on his finger makes me smile every time I hold his hand…
  3. My last name. Not officially yet but I LOVE being Mrs. Rozzen.

It still feels surreal being married and most of the time i forget to use my new last name.  It definitely will take some time to get used to! Im the meantime, i’ve ordered EVERYTHING with the letter “R” off Etsy – maybe as a little reminder? That will likely be the excuse I use when Dan asks why I needed 4 new “R” necklaces

I will say the one thing that has changed drastically since we said “i do” is the level of stress.  Don’t get me wrong, life will always be stressful and even a bit more stressful dealing with 3 month old puppy Bailey (who does not understand potty training…)  But since we’ve been married, we no longer have to argue over cocktail napkins, the invite list, and everyone else’s opinions.

We were tested on our honeymoon with lost luggage, falling down the stairs (just me…oops), and a few other mishaps but it was a great reminder that life isn’t perfect – we just need to handle it as a team.  We have not had our first “disagreement” since we’ve been married, but i’m a little anxious to see what it will be about.



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