So, I’ve been MIA. Why? Because life through a curve-ball, I swung and I missed.
In July, just a few quick months after our wedding, Dan and I found out we were Pregnant! We had a few appointments to confirm everything was going as planned, at 8 weeks we had an ultrasound and saw/heard our baby’s heartbeat. There is nothing more magical than hearing that little gallop.
We announced to our family and friends, dreamed of our pregnancy and baby to be. At our 12 week appointment, in September, everything changed.
“There is no heartbeat”. Four words I never expected. Four words that changed my whole world.
I had surgery the next day, was on recovery physically and emotionally, and came to reality that I was 1 in 4 that suffers from miscarriages.

Shortly after (first cycle post-D&C) we found out we were getting a 2nd chance!

We’re PREGNANT. Currently in our 2nd trimester and obsessed with baby boy already.
The journey was not an easy one. After our miscarriage, the joy of finding out we were pregnant was overcome by fear. I had bleeding and was on bed rest for 2 weeks (Weeks 8-9), and every little cramp or “off” feeling makes my stomach drop.
I don’t think the “fear” of loss ever goes away, but for today I plan on living in the moment and being over-joyed to share our news!
We finally feel like we can just be happy and at peace. We have the most amazing new doctor, every scan has been perfect, and I am feeling more relaxed and confident as the weeks pass.




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