Wedding Wednesday – Something Blue

I have an obsession with freshly painted nails. When Dan proposed I was rocking the perfect periwinkle and although some girls would rather be wearing a soft pink or french tip, I love seeing the periwinkle in all of our photos.

When I was thinking about my “something blue” for the wedding, nail polish was the first thing that came to mind. Specifically, “Something Borrowed” by Essie! Dan and I were deciding on our Bridal Party and I had the hardest time. After trying to figure out how to incorporate everyone I wanted into the bridal party, I decided to ask 3 of my closest friends, to act as my “something blue”.

Throughout wedding planning, everyone was confused about what it meant, what their roll would be, and what it the heck I was thinking. Honestly, I was making it up as we went along. All I knew was that they needed to be a part of my big day. All I asked was for them to wear the blue polish to the wedding as my “something blue”.

Long story short – we went from 3 something blues to 1…. and she OWNED it! The blue polish was a highlight of the day for me! Her blue dress worked perfectly with the mix and matched dresses. I got her an amazing orchid “bouquet” with blue ribbon and she sat front and center during the ceremony. She is my something blue and such a special part of my life and our wedding day! 

For those of you wedding planning, my one piece of advice is to do what makes you happy. It may be something that no one understands, you may not have it all figured out yet either, but in the end when your vision comes together, you won’t regret it!

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