Vacation Packing Tips

I have always hated packing. Weekend getaway, week-long trips, or moving homes? I hate it all. I always seem to overpack, and yet always forget things. You know who doesn’t help with any of the packing? My husband. In fact, I have to pack for both of us!

So, now that I’m packing for two, I’ve pulled together some useful tips to make it easier:

1. Pour a glass of wine (or any drink of choice) and put on some music.
2. Take notes! When usually when I’m in the middle of packing something comes to mind (like, a random necklace or not forgetting to pack the camera charger). Rather than walking away from what I’m already working on, i write it down and come back to it later. It also helps a lot for Toiletries or “extras” that I won’t pack until we are ready to leave.
3. Pack whole outfits – Try them on or lay them out to see the full look pulled together. Try to mix up pieces you can wear more than once to save some room! *I pack Dan first, he doesn’t try on anything and doesn’t care¬†what i’m packing so it gets done really quickly!
4. Bring neutral shoes and be realistic. If you are gone for 3 days, you don’t need 5 pairs of shoes. (The struggle is real)
5.Toilettries – Target’s $1 goodies section is my go-to! I hate bringing regular size bottles of vacation, and i’m too lazy to fill my own little bottles. I grab a few from the mini-section at Target, and I also stock up on the ones they give out at the hotel (for future getaways!)

DONE! Officially on Vacay Mode! Hasta la Vista, Chimichanga!

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