Trash the Dress

Dan and I decided to do another photoshoot after our wedding. It is so weird to think I would have only worn my dress one night and never again, so we decided to dress up again, head to the beach, and go for a swim…

I know what you’re thinking…”Why are there two dresses?” Well, the two piece sequin number was my “party outfit” (buy it here). I couldn’t move very well in the mermaid dress so i changed into a more “dance friendly” outfit during our reception.

Don’t freak out (like my mom did), we dropped off my dress at the dry cleaners the next morning and the dress is perfect again. Which means Dan and I can get creative with more shoots in the future (as long as it fits!)…Maybe make it a yearly tradition? Any excuse to put on my dress works for me!

Photo credit to the amazing LUCAS ROSSI PHOTOGRAPHY



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