The Name Change

I always knew that when I was married I would take my husband’s last name. I’ve always been excited and curious about what my “new last name” would be.  When Dan and I first got engaged, I was SO excited about becoming a Rozzen.  I never thought I’d be asked so many times if I was going to take his last name, hyphenate my last name, change my middle name to my maiden name, etc…. SO many options, but I’ve always been traditional and known that I would be dropping my last name after “I do”.

My mom had the hardest time with the idea of changing my name. Once we got engaged, any time the topic of the wedding came up she would mention how sad she was about changing my name.

My middle sister, married, did not change her name.  She has 2 boys and they have her husband’s name.  I’m not sure how I would feel to not have the same last name as my kids.

I hear so often that people aren’t changing their names, or even men taking their wife’s name to continue the family name.  Are you married? Did you change your name? Hyphenate? Not change a thing? What is your story!?

Today I went to the Social Security Administration, the DMV, the Bank, and made the rest of my phone calls. I am OFFICIALLY Mrs. Rozzen. I am so proud to have Dan’s last name.  It feels weird. I smile (the awkwardly-excited kind) when someone calls me Mrs. Rozzen, and now I am going to go celebrate with a glass of wine and practicing my new signature!

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