The Honeymooners

Dan and I “honeymooned” on a 10 day cruise to the Caribbean. Dan works on his phone constantly, and I have a slight addiction to social media, so being off the grid with no wifi for 10 days was a dream!

We started off with lost luggage, followed by me falling down the stairs on the ship… but it was smooth sailing from there (not really, it was actually a very rocky cruise – I basically felt 24/7 drunk)!

We talked about the wedding, went on daily trips to the spa, dreamt of our future, and took in every minute of being away from reality back home. We missed Bailey and Collins more than ever – it was the longest we had been away from C and we only brought B into the family a few weeks before we left!

For the first time in 10 months we werent worrying about cocktail napkins or our growing guest count.  By our second day, our routine was set. Breakfast room-service, which turned out to be our daily wakeup call. Off the ship to an excursion (or a full day of sleeping in a cabana on the sea days) and back on just in time to watch the ship leave port from our balcony.  An afternoon bloody-mary, followed by a trip to the spa, then getting ready for dinner and our nightly trip to the Casino!

At the end of the trip – we ended up booking our next Princess cruise! Alaska – we will see you in July 2018!!

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