Saying “Yes” to the Dress

Shockingly – picking a dress was a quick and easy choice for me.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to react seeing myself in a wedding dress for the first time, so I decided to go with just my mom to the first appointment.  I had narrowed it down to two dresses but there was something missing.  Was it that I didn’t really know what I wanted? Was I scared to say yes too quickly? It was enough doubt that we decided to leave the store that day empty handed.

The second store I visited was Winnie Couture in Beverly Hills.  Can we just talk about the store for a second? Ah-mazing. Chandeliers, champagne, cute couches, huge dressing rooms.  It basically was exactly what I would expect and a complete opposite of the first store I shopped in.

I tried on about 20 dresses at Winnie before I realized I had tried on “the one”.  I didn’t react right away.  I had a group of girls with me and my mom, all beyond excited about the dress.  Suddenly, I looked at one of my friends and calmly said “I think this is it”. It was about 30 seconds before everyone else had realized what I said and the tears and excited-girl-screams started.

My mom’s favorite picture… When I “knew”!

A few months later…. Ready to say “I Do!”

Tips for Dress Shopping:

  1. Don’t feel obligated to invite people. The more opinions the harder it may be, and if there are too many opinions in the room you may get more focused on what is being said and not on the dresses you try on.
  2. Have an idea of how you want your hair.  I knew I wanted my hair up on my wedding day, but when I went shopping my hair was down.  It didn’t “hit” me until my cousin said for me to throw up my hair, even in a messy bun, that made me realize my dress was perfect.
  3. Call ahead of time and talk about costs.  My biggest concern was having my guests know my budget. I called ahead of time, told them my budget, and made sure that any discussion of cost would be in private with just me and my mom.
  4. Try on EVERY style. I always thought I wanted a princess dress, and ended up loving the more fitted dresses! You never know until you try!
  5. Take photos! A LOT! Of each dress you put on.  If you are between options, you may like how one looks in photos more than another.
  6. Champagne. You may be an avid shopper, but when it comes to wedding dresses the stress level spikes unexpectedly! Have a glass at the shop to settle the nerves and get comfortable!
  7. If you are not ready to say yes, thats ok.  If you are ready to say “yes to the dress” after just a few, great!! There is no time frame or number of dresses you have to try on before you find the right one.  You will know when you know, don’t question yourself.
  8. MOVE! If you think you’ve found the dress, sit, stand, jump, dance, bend over, ANY movement you can think of.  I did not do this. It was nearly impossible for me to sit in my dress.  Although the dress is likely not the right size when you try on the sample, you will get an idea if you can move in the style of dress.
  9. Have FUN! It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

16 thoughts on “Saying “Yes” to the Dress”

  1. That dress is STUNNING!!!! One of my biggest fears is not falling in love with a dress. I feel like I’d be way too picky for wanting the perfect dress that I will never find one. You look gorgeous though, congrats!

  2. Your dress is so lovely! You made the right choice. I just wore a maternity dress picked up quickly the first time I got married. When we had our vows renewed, I actually had a dress, but it was a quick thing with my mother because I do not like attention on me. I just wanted to go in, find a dress, and leave, and thankfully I did!

  3. This was so helpful even for a non bride. I’m not engaged nor do I have a boyfriend but I love reading wedding posts. This wil prepare me though and I can’t wait to start this process when it does happen. You look so good in it and so happy you said yes to the dress.

    1. Thank you! I started planning my wedding LONG before I had anyone to fill the husband part of it 😉 its always fun and trust me, it is WAY better to know how to prepare before you get to that point!

  4. Congratulations for having your best dress! Honestly, I don’t understand why most brides having difficulty and drama for just a wedding dress. They should have their own designer instead.

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