The Rozzen’s

Life. What a crazy adventure! Two years ago today Dan and I went on our first date at El Torito for Taco Tuesday.  He asked me to bring a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon (I wish I was kidding), and I almost cancelled our date.  He basically moved in one week after the first date, proposed less than a year later, and last week we got married in Malibu, CA!

Did I mention that two weeks ago we adopted an 8 week old puppy, Bailey, who drives our 2 year old puppy, Collins, a bit crazy? It’s normal to adopt a puppy two weeks before the wedding right?

We live life on the fast track and love every minute of it.  Although we have been living together for two years, its definitely going to be a new challenge as we explore married life and become “The Rozzen’s”!

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