2 Months Married

Happy Friday!!

Is it me or did it feel like it took 6 months to get to Friday? And Monday is an hour away?! Ugh.

I can’t believe it’s been 2 MONTHS since Dan and I got married!

We got our wedding highlight video and it makes me cry like a baby, which is funny since I didn’t cry on our wedding day (a little choked up during vows, but no tears for this relaxed and excited bride!)


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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the Mom’s out there!

But most importantly to my amazing, supportive, spunky, fun, and hilarious mom!  As cliché as it sounds, she is my best friend.  There is no one else I would rather hang out with, spend a day at Nordstrom with, call after a bad day at work, or lay out by the pool with.

I love you, Mom!


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The Honeymooners

Dan and I “honeymooned” on a 10 day cruise to the Caribbean. Dan works on his phone constantly, and I have a slight addiction to social media, so being off the grid with no wifi for 10 days was a dream!

We started off with lost luggage, followed by me falling down the stairs on the ship… but it was smooth sailing from there (not really, it was actually a very rocky cruise – I basically felt 24/7 drunk)!

We talked about the wedding, went on daily trips to the spa, dreamt of our future, and took in every minute of being away from reality back home. We missed Bailey and Collins more than ever – it was the longest we had been away from C and we only brought B into the family a few weeks before we left!

For the first time in 10 months we werent worrying about cocktail napkins or our growing guest count.  By our second day, our routine was set. Breakfast room-service, which turned out to be our daily wakeup call. Off the ship to an excursion (or a full day of sleeping in a cabana on the sea days) and back on just in time to watch the ship leave port from our balcony.  An afternoon bloody-mary, followed by a trip to the spa, then getting ready for dinner and our nightly trip to the Casino!

At the end of the trip – we ended up booking our next Princess cruise! Alaska – we will see you in July 2018!!

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Wedding Wednesday – Something Blue

I have an obsession with freshly painted nails. When Dan proposed I was rocking the perfect periwinkle and although some girls would rather be wearing a soft pink or french tip, I love seeing the periwinkle in all of our photos.

When I was thinking about my “something blue” for the wedding, nail polish was the first thing that came to mind. Specifically, “Something Borrowed” by Essie! Dan and I were deciding on our Bridal Party and I had the hardest time. After trying to figure out how to incorporate everyone I wanted into the bridal party, I decided to ask 3 of my closest friends, to act as my “something blue”.

Throughout wedding planning, everyone was confused about what it meant, what their roll would be, and what it the heck I was thinking. Honestly, I was making it up as we went along. All I knew was that they needed to be a part of my big day. All I asked was for them to wear the blue polish to the wedding as my “something blue”.

Long story short – we went from 3 something blues to 1…. and she OWNED it! The blue polish was a highlight of the day for me! Her blue dress worked perfectly with the mix and matched dresses. I got her an amazing orchid “bouquet” with blue ribbon and she sat front and center during the ceremony. She is my something blue and such a special part of my life and our wedding day! 

For those of you wedding planning, my one piece of advice is to do what makes you happy. It may be something that no one understands, you may not have it all figured out yet either, but in the end when your vision comes together, you won’t regret it!

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Budget Smudget

Dan and I decided to have our first “married life budgeting” chat. No fun. Credit card balances, income, bills (so many that I’d rather call them Williams), having to explain the importance of my extra spending (mani/pedis, hair appts, etc), and most importantly – how the heck are we going to buy a home?!

I’ve heard that money is a huge stress on marriages, and I can completely see why. I feel so furtunate that Dan and I don’t have to worry about money; we just need to learn to balance it for our future. 

What do you use to budget? How do we cut back on spending? How do we know if we are on the right track?

All tips/advice welcome! 

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Girls Date at the Dog Park

Today I got home from work and decided it would be a good night to take Bailey and Collins to the dog park… ALONE! I know it doesn’t sound so crazy, but Bailey is 4 months old and Collins gets overly excited when she gets her harness on.  It was also the first time I was talking them both out alone.

Here is how it went:

  1. Finally got both harness/leashes on, ready to get out the door and realized I forgot treats.  Went back for treats; forgot my water. Went to the park thirsty.
  2. Bailey refuses to walk with her leash so I eventually had to carry her to the car (which is nearly impossible these days, she’s getting BIG). People think I’m crazy.
  3. Bailey is more interested in the people, rather than playing with the dogs.  She sat on a strangers lap for 20 minutes.
  4. So grateful for the man throwing the squeaky tennis ball for his dog – Collins loved them and I didn’t have to throw a ball for an hour!
  5. Collins puked. poor girl. Bailey ate it. I almost puked.
  6. Bailey did not pee ONCE at the park. Got home, peed in the center of the living room. Thanks girl.

Having a puppy is NOT all happy cuddle photos and fluffy kisses, but it was SO worth it to see their smiling faces on the drive home.  Now time for wine and a bubble bath. 

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Happy Birth-Month to Me!

Please excuse me while I celebrate my birthday for the entire month of May. We cannot have a meal without a candle on dessert and it is my favorite!

May 5th will also be ONE YEAR since Dan proposed! This year we will be celebrating as Husband and Wife! I still get butterflies when I say husband.

A few wish list items to point Husband in the right direction:

Apple AirPods // Essie (EVERYTHING) // Swimsuit // Origins Facemask // ETSY Bracelet

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What Has Changed Since “I Do”?

Absolutely nothing, and yet everything!

  1. I am obsessed with calling Dan my HUSBAND!
  2. The ring on his finger makes me smile every time I hold his hand…
  3. My last name. Not officially yet but I LOVE being Mrs. Rozzen.

It still feels surreal being married and most of the time i forget to use my new last name.  It definitely will take some time to get used to! Im the meantime, i’ve ordered EVERYTHING with the letter “R” off Etsy – maybe as a little reminder? That will likely be the excuse I use when Dan asks why I needed 4 new “R” necklaces

I will say the one thing that has changed drastically since we said “i do” is the level of stress.  Don’t get me wrong, life will always be stressful and even a bit more stressful dealing with 3 month old puppy Bailey (who does not understand potty training…)  But since we’ve been married, we no longer have to argue over cocktail napkins, the invite list, and everyone else’s opinions.

We were tested on our honeymoon with lost luggage, falling down the stairs (just me…oops), and a few other mishaps but it was a great reminder that life isn’t perfect – we just need to handle it as a team.  We have not had our first “disagreement” since we’ve been married, but i’m a little anxious to see what it will be about.



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The Proposal

Its Thursday, so lets throw it back to the day Dan asked me to be his wife! I still get butterflies thinking about it!

Dan likes to plan surprises.  If you ask me, I think its because i’m a planner and he likes to just “go with the flow”, so if he says its a surprise than I can’t just into planning mode and take over. For months, Dan was planning a Surprise vacation for my 28th birthday.

Dan handed me a packing list and told me what days to take off work.  The night before our big trip, my cousin and I had plans to get our nails done.  On the way to the salon, I got into a car accident and (almost) totaled my car.  Luckily, no one was hurt.  I called Dan and he rushed over to help. He called my cousin to pick me up from the accident site, and insisted I get my nails done while he handled calling insurance and a tow truck.

I should have known something was up when he insisted my nails be done.

The next day, Dan picked me (and my freshly painted periwinkle nails) up from work, and we headed to the airport.  Every step of the way I got a little more information about where we were heading.  After a first-class red-eye to Florida, I found out our final destination was a cruise to the Bahamas!

Dan proposed on the front of the ship just as we were leaving the port.  We were standing and watching as we pulled away from land, and all of a sudden i heard “You and Me” by Dave Matthews Band. My eyes immediately scanned and say couples around the front of the ship and my brain thought FLASH MOB (my biggest fear!).  I said “NO! NO WAY!” thinking that everyone was about to break out in song/dance, but luckily Dan was the only one singing.  He sang a bit of the song, follows by something probably really romantic that I can’t remember because of the nerves, and got down on one knee.  I said OF COURSE! It was the most amazing moment, followed by a 4 day “proposal vacation” to celebrate!


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Wedding Day!

March 19, 2017 Dan and I got married at the Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, CA (and got ready at Westlake Village Inn just down the road). Words cannot even describe how magical the day was.  I thought I would be a crying stressed-out bridezilla mess, but I actually don’t think I have ever been as calm as I was on that day.  I cried twice, when the videographer walked in, and when the photographer walked in (sorry, Dan).  Dan and I were in our own world.  We made a decision to make the day about us.  We didn’t do photos with extended family, we didn’t make a trip to each table to say hello, we skipped cocktail hour for a few minutes of alone time, and were always arms length away from each other.  Selfish? No way!  If someone wanted to say hello, we were at our sweetheart table.  If family wanted group photos, the photographers were ready to go.  Our time alone, is something we will cherish forever.

We are back to reality now, trying to narrow down our 1500 photos, write all our thank you cards, and trying to potty-train Bailey.

Here is a little sneak peak as I continue to organize the rest of the photos! (literally, 1500 to get through! how does anyone narrow it down?!)

Photography by Michael Brannigan

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