New Week / New Goals

Happy Monday! Its been a rough one. This week, Dan’s working late most nights. Usually that means I can be lazy, drink wine and watch girly TV shows that he would never watch. ┬áThis week I decided to write out a few goals to get done before Friday. Lists are my fav and they definitely keep me motivated!

  1. Get marriage certificates and change name at Social Security office!! Time to make it official!
  2. Hit the Gym. No more excuses.
  3. Finish the MOUNTAIN of Laundry I have been avoiding all weekend.
  4. Work on new posts and respond to Insta Messages!
  5. Yelp Reviews for all my amazing wedding vendors!
  6. Finish picking out wedding photos for albums!

The list may not be long and the tasks are simple, but it is so much harder to get things done after a long day at work.

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