Girls Date at the Dog Park

Today I got home from work and decided it would be a good night to take Bailey and Collins to the dog park… ALONE! I know it doesn’t sound so crazy, but Bailey is 4 months old and Collins gets overly excited when she gets her harness on.  It was also the first time I was talking them both out alone.

Here is how it went:

  1. Finally got both harness/leashes on, ready to get out the door and realized I forgot treats.  Went back for treats; forgot my water. Went to the park thirsty.
  2. Bailey refuses to walk with her leash so I eventually had to carry her to the car (which is nearly impossible these days, she’s getting BIG). People think I’m crazy.
  3. Bailey is more interested in the people, rather than playing with the dogs.  She sat on a strangers lap for 20 minutes.
  4. So grateful for the man throwing the squeaky tennis ball for his dog – Collins loved them and I didn’t have to throw a ball for an hour!
  5. Collins puked. poor girl. Bailey ate it. I almost puked.
  6. Bailey did not pee ONCE at the park. Got home, peed in the center of the living room. Thanks girl.

Having a puppy is NOT all happy cuddle photos and fluffy kisses, but it was SO worth it to see their smiling faces on the drive home.  Now time for wine and a bubble bath. 

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