29 in Puerto Vallarta

Dan and I spent Memorial Day Weekend (aka my Birthday Weekend!) in Puerto Vallarta at the Marival Residences and I’m already dreaming of going back.

Over the weekend it hit me that I am 29! Officially counting down to the big 30! Wasn’t yesterday my 21st birthday? Where has time gone?! I finally feeling “old” but can’t tell if it is because I’m married, I’m responsible now for TWO paw-babies, or because 29 is WAY too close to 30.

We spent our entire weekend pool-side, with drink floaties and a gross amount of tequila. We took a quick break on Friday morning to ride jet skis, otherwise we rarely left our Cabana.  I really love that pool floaties became a “thing” and I don’t know if i’ll ever travel again without one (even if it is just for my drinks!)

The hotel is all inclusive but they seriously take it to the next level. They come around with carts of snacks, an ice cream card in the afternoon, and even send someone around to clean your sunglasses and spray you down with aloe water!

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