So, I’ve been MIA. Why? Because life through a curve-ball, I swung and I missed.
In July, just a few quick months after our wedding, Dan and I found out we were Pregnant! We had a few appointments to confirm everything was going as planned, at 8 weeks we had an ultrasound and saw/heard our baby’s heartbeat. There is nothing more magical than hearing that little gallop.
We announced to our family and friends, dreamed of our pregnancy and baby to be. At our 12 week appointment, in September, everything changed.
“There is no heartbeat”. Four words I never expected. Four words that changed my whole world.
I had surgery the next day, was on recovery physically and emotionally, and came to reality that I was 1 in 4 that suffers from miscarriages.

Shortly after (first cycle post-D&C) we found out we were getting a 2nd chance!

We’re PREGNANT. Currently in our 2nd trimester and obsessed with baby boy already.
The journey was not an easy one. After our miscarriage, the joy of finding out we were pregnant was overcome by fear. I had bleeding and was on bed rest for 2 weeks (Weeks 8-9), and every little cramp or “off” feeling makes my stomach drop.
I don’t think the “fear” of loss ever goes away, but for today I plan on living in the moment and being over-joyed to share our news!
We finally feel like we can just be happy and at peace. We have the most amazing new doctor, every scan has been perfect, and I am feeling more relaxed and confident as the weeks pass.




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Thanks-camping 2018

Dan and I packed our bags (and dogs) and headed up to Big Sur for Thanksgiving weekend! We have been wanting to go camping for a long time, and we were so excited to be able to bring the girls along.  They did amazing on the long drives, and had the best weekend! Collins stole a chair by the fireplace (of course) and Bailey loved laying in the dirt and running through the lake.

We stayed at Riverside Campgrounds in the cutest little cabin. We left home at 5 am on Friday and stopped along the way to see the wharf in Monterey and the views along Hwy-1. The next day, we spend the afternoon at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park with coral sand and the most amazing views.

Nothing makes me happier than creating memories with my little family.

There is so much to be thankful for this year!

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Trash the Dress

Dan and I decided to do another photoshoot after our wedding. It is so weird to think I would have only worn my dress one night and never again, so we decided to dress up again, head to the beach, and go for a swim…

I know what you’re thinking…”Why are there two dresses?” Well, the two piece sequin number was my “party outfit” (buy it here). I couldn’t move very well in the mermaid dress so i changed into a more “dance friendly” outfit during our reception.

Don’t freak out (like my mom did), we dropped off my dress at the dry cleaners the next morning and the dress is perfect again. Which means Dan and I can get creative with more shoots in the future (as long as it fits!)…Maybe make it a yearly tradition? Any excuse to put on my dress works for me!

Photo credit to the amazing LUCAS ROSSI PHOTOGRAPHY



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Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s, but ESPECIALLY mine.

Thank you for teaching me to be kind, generous, loving, fun, and limitless.

I am definitely my dad’s biggest fan and so honored when people tell me “you’re just like your father”! THANK YOU! I couldn’t think of a better compliment.

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Saying “Yes” to the Dress

Shockingly – picking a dress was a quick and easy choice for me.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to react seeing myself in a wedding dress for the first time, so I decided to go with just my mom to the first appointment.  I had narrowed it down to two dresses but there was something missing.  Was it that I didn’t really know what I wanted? Was I scared to say yes too quickly? It was enough doubt that we decided to leave the store that day empty handed.

The second store I visited was Winnie Couture in Beverly Hills.  Can we just talk about the store for a second? Ah-mazing. Chandeliers, champagne, cute couches, huge dressing rooms.  It basically was exactly what I would expect and a complete opposite of the first store I shopped in.

I tried on about 20 dresses at Winnie before I realized I had tried on “the one”.  I didn’t react right away.  I had a group of girls with me and my mom, all beyond excited about the dress.  Suddenly, I looked at one of my friends and calmly said “I think this is it”. It was about 30 seconds before everyone else had realized what I said and the tears and excited-girl-screams started.

My mom’s favorite picture… When I “knew”!

A few months later…. Ready to say “I Do!”

Tips for Dress Shopping:

  1. Don’t feel obligated to invite people. The more opinions the harder it may be, and if there are too many opinions in the room you may get more focused on what is being said and not on the dresses you try on.
  2. Have an idea of how you want your hair.  I knew I wanted my hair up on my wedding day, but when I went shopping my hair was down.  It didn’t “hit” me until my cousin said for me to throw up my hair, even in a messy bun, that made me realize my dress was perfect.
  3. Call ahead of time and talk about costs.  My biggest concern was having my guests know my budget. I called ahead of time, told them my budget, and made sure that any discussion of cost would be in private with just me and my mom.
  4. Try on EVERY style. I always thought I wanted a princess dress, and ended up loving the more fitted dresses! You never know until you try!
  5. Take photos! A LOT! Of each dress you put on.  If you are between options, you may like how one looks in photos more than another.
  6. Champagne. You may be an avid shopper, but when it comes to wedding dresses the stress level spikes unexpectedly! Have a glass at the shop to settle the nerves and get comfortable!
  7. If you are not ready to say yes, thats ok.  If you are ready to say “yes to the dress” after just a few, great!! There is no time frame or number of dresses you have to try on before you find the right one.  You will know when you know, don’t question yourself.
  8. MOVE! If you think you’ve found the dress, sit, stand, jump, dance, bend over, ANY movement you can think of.  I did not do this. It was nearly impossible for me to sit in my dress.  Although the dress is likely not the right size when you try on the sample, you will get an idea if you can move in the style of dress.
  9. Have FUN! It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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The Name Change

I always knew that when I was married I would take my husband’s last name. I’ve always been excited and curious about what my “new last name” would be.  When Dan and I first got engaged, I was SO excited about becoming a Rozzen.  I never thought I’d be asked so many times if I was going to take his last name, hyphenate my last name, change my middle name to my maiden name, etc…. SO many options, but I’ve always been traditional and known that I would be dropping my last name after “I do”.

My mom had the hardest time with the idea of changing my name. Once we got engaged, any time the topic of the wedding came up she would mention how sad she was about changing my name.

My middle sister, married, did not change her name.  She has 2 boys and they have her husband’s name.  I’m not sure how I would feel to not have the same last name as my kids.

I hear so often that people aren’t changing their names, or even men taking their wife’s name to continue the family name.  Are you married? Did you change your name? Hyphenate? Not change a thing? What is your story!?

Today I went to the Social Security Administration, the DMV, the Bank, and made the rest of my phone calls. I am OFFICIALLY Mrs. Rozzen. I am so proud to have Dan’s last name.  It feels weird. I smile (the awkwardly-excited kind) when someone calls me Mrs. Rozzen, and now I am going to go celebrate with a glass of wine and practicing my new signature!

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New Week / New Goals

Happy Monday! Its been a rough one. This week, Dan’s working late most nights. Usually that means I can be lazy, drink wine and watch girly TV shows that he would never watch.  This week I decided to write out a few goals to get done before Friday. Lists are my fav and they definitely keep me motivated!

  1. Get marriage certificates and change name at Social Security office!! Time to make it official!
  2. Hit the Gym. No more excuses.
  3. Finish the MOUNTAIN of Laundry I have been avoiding all weekend.
  4. Work on new posts and respond to Insta Messages!
  5. Yelp Reviews for all my amazing wedding vendors!
  6. Finish picking out wedding photos for albums!

The list may not be long and the tasks are simple, but it is so much harder to get things done after a long day at work.

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29 in Puerto Vallarta

Dan and I spent Memorial Day Weekend (aka my Birthday Weekend!) in Puerto Vallarta at the Marival Residences and I’m already dreaming of going back.

Over the weekend it hit me that I am 29! Officially counting down to the big 30! Wasn’t yesterday my 21st birthday? Where has time gone?! I finally feeling “old” but can’t tell if it is because I’m married, I’m responsible now for TWO paw-babies, or because 29 is WAY too close to 30.

We spent our entire weekend pool-side, with drink floaties and a gross amount of tequila. We took a quick break on Friday morning to ride jet skis, otherwise we rarely left our Cabana.  I really love that pool floaties became a “thing” and I don’t know if i’ll ever travel again without one (even if it is just for my drinks!)

The hotel is all inclusive but they seriously take it to the next level. They come around with carts of snacks, an ice cream card in the afternoon, and even send someone around to clean your sunglasses and spray you down with aloe water!

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Vacation Packing Tips

I have always hated packing. Weekend getaway, week-long trips, or moving homes? I hate it all. I always seem to overpack, and yet always forget things. You know who doesn’t help with any of the packing? My husband. In fact, I have to pack for both of us!

So, now that I’m packing for two, I’ve pulled together some useful tips to make it easier:

1. Pour a glass of wine (or any drink of choice) and put on some music.
2. Take notes! When usually when I’m in the middle of packing something comes to mind (like, a random necklace or not forgetting to pack the camera charger). Rather than walking away from what I’m already working on, i write it down and come back to it later. It also helps a lot for Toiletries or “extras” that I won’t pack until we are ready to leave.
3. Pack whole outfits – Try them on or lay them out to see the full look pulled together. Try to mix up pieces you can wear more than once to save some room! *I pack Dan first, he doesn’t try on anything and doesn’t care what i’m packing so it gets done really quickly!
4. Bring neutral shoes and be realistic. If you are gone for 3 days, you don’t need 5 pairs of shoes. (The struggle is real)
5.Toilettries – Target’s $1 goodies section is my go-to! I hate bringing regular size bottles of vacation, and i’m too lazy to fill my own little bottles. I grab a few from the mini-section at Target, and I also stock up on the ones they give out at the hotel (for future getaways!)

DONE! Officially on Vacay Mode! Hasta la Vista, Chimichanga!

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Turning 29

Happy Birthday to ME!

It is hard to believe that today is my 29th birthday! My last year in my 20’s?! It is kind of a scary thought! This past year we got married, moved, got Bailey, started new jobs, and traveled. How could 29 possibly top that? 

For starters, we are headed to Puerto Vallarta tomorrow for a fun filled birthday weekend. 

I’m still working on this year’s bucket list, but this blog is definitely on the top of it. I can’t wait to grow and share our journey and create a place for Dan and I to look back and reminisce. 

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